What Emotion Does Your Roadmap Bring?

One of the many artifacts a Product Owner is asked to produce is a roadmap for their product. While the strategy tells the high level execution plan and the vision depicts what the product will eventually look like, the roadmap basically tells how the product will get there and approximately when. Pretty straightforward right? Well…notContinue reading “What Emotion Does Your Roadmap Bring?”

Can’t See the Future without a Vision

I recently worked with a team which constantly asked for the product vision. Leadership happily provided it and held several group sessions to do so. While Leadership was reveling in their ability to accommodate the request of the team members and demonstrate their servant leadership, the team members where huddled around privately complaining how leadership presented aContinue reading “Can’t See the Future without a Vision”

Avoid Product Liposuction

One of the biggest mistakes a Product Owner can make is to want it all. I’ve heard Product Owners say, “We need all these features and nothing can be omitted.” My first reaction to this statement was “Really? NOTHING?” Product Owners commonly fear taking away features from clients or not giving the client everything theyContinue reading “Avoid Product Liposuction”