The Main Reason NOT to Read the Scrum Guide

I am amazed at how many scrum team members have not read the scrum guide. One would think a team that is going to practice scrum would read this guide extensively. It provides guidance on how to practice scrum so why wouldn’t one read it? Even more amazing is how many haven’t even read the Agile Manifesto. InContinue reading “The Main Reason NOT to Read the Scrum Guide”

The Sprint Lego Game Has Arrived!

It’s time to start playing the Sprint Lego Game! This game was designed to aid Scrum Masters and Coaches to build better teams by introducing the various challenges teams faced during the most under discussed sprint event, the Sprint itself! The game will help your teams learn new ways to deliver current and future  valueContinue reading “The Sprint Lego Game Has Arrived!”

Accountability Has No Place In Agile

COUNTLESS times I’ve been asked, “Who’s accountable for the performance of a scrum team?” I take this question in with curiosity. Often, I find the person asking this question is looking to point blame at a single individual for the failure of an outcome they expected to happen. As I dig deeper into this situation,Continue reading “Accountability Has No Place In Agile”

The Vendor Principle – Managing the Vendor Element of Scrum Teams

TODAY’S workforce is highly diverse more than ever. It goes beyond gender or race diversity. Now the diversity of the workforce has a new dynamic to consider regarding contractors. There has always been a compliment of contractors in the work place. Many companies acquire the services of 3rd party vendors to supply their company withContinue reading “The Vendor Principle – Managing the Vendor Element of Scrum Teams”

The Standard Three Questions of the Daily Scrum Falls Short

The more I work with agile teams one thing that consistently pops up is how teams run their daily scrum and the common practice of asking and answering the “3 standard questions”. I realize the scrum guide “suggests” using “What I did yesterday,” “What will I do today” and “Do I see any impediments” howeverContinue reading “The Standard Three Questions of the Daily Scrum Falls Short”

Agile Adoption Requires Agile Transformation

ONE of my mentors recently made the comment, “Agile adoption is different than Agile transformation”. This made me really think hard about the implications of this statement. I reflected on how companies incorporate agile practices into their organization. Typically they bring in outside help to train team members on agile methodologies. Often this will beContinue reading “Agile Adoption Requires Agile Transformation”

Use the Cloak of Invisibility to Facilitate

I recall the first time I saw a “healthy” scrum team. I mistakenly identified the Tech Lead for the Scrum Master. I quickly learned the Scrum Master was back away from the team hardly engaging but intently listening and observing. This was vastly different than what I had previously witnessed with teams. It was at thisContinue reading “Use the Cloak of Invisibility to Facilitate”

My Path to a Growth Mindset & 7 Tips to Help You Acquire Yours

IMAGINE walking into a company where teams have been engaged in Scrum or Kanban for a few years. After careful observation you discover teams are practicing the mechanics of these frameworks but are still struggling to embrace the spirit and intent of them. If teams or organizations aren’t practicing the values or principles of anContinue reading “My Path to a Growth Mindset & 7 Tips to Help You Acquire Yours”

People – The Forgotten Metric

As a former Product Manager I was often asked about metrics. What’s your expected ROI? What’s the end user adoption rate for this feature? When we will break even? These are notably worthwhile metrics that are important for a product and a Product Manager to be aware of. Even so, these aren’t the only numbers aContinue reading “People – The Forgotten Metric”

What to do when your daily scrum looks like a status meeting?

I recently took on a new scrum team. For the first couple of weeks I observed all of their scrum events sitting quietly in the back of the room. I wanted to see where the team was with their agility journey and what places may need some firming up. What immediately jumped out to meContinue reading “What to do when your daily scrum looks like a status meeting?”